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Hlumelo Nyaluza is a young man that strongly believes that he was brought into this world to show that miracles are not a fantasy or they don’t happen through luck. He is a young man that believes that he was brought into this world to prove that “magic" really exists, that a single person from a nearly disadvantaged background can make the nation’s dreams come true. Hlumelo was born in a small location called Phakamisa in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Hlumelo had a rare dream of making other people’s dreams come true. He made this dream official to himself the day he decided that he will make all this magic happen through an unofficial, but then active, empire that he named the HN Empire when he was just 12.

Hlumelo grew up inspiring and uplifting his peers by validating the possibilities of their dreams coming to life one day through engaging them in various talent activities. He would collect and connect his peers through activities that he designed (i.e. singing classes, dance lessons, drawing also scriptwriting sessions as well.). The main people he’d recruit are those that were his age, had dreams but didn’t know where to start when it came to going for what they believed in. He spent all his teenage life experimenting in the previously mentioned fields and many more. He even had some businesses that he started back in high school just to make extra cash for himself and allow other kids his age to benefit monetarily from his projects. When he was 17, he left his comfort zone, his home, and went to a big city to chase after his dream. That is where he officially started to take things to the next level when it came to his dreams of making other people’s dreams come true through the HN Empire.

The beginning of HN

After naming the empire, at the age of 17, he approached a multi-million rand students’ accommodation company called South Point to co-edit its magazine as he had great ideas and he wanted to start working on a professional business venture. His proposal was accepted, he joined the team and the magazine was a success as it moved from being online to being printed and distributed across South Africa. He also engaged in some other successful business activities like investing in the JSE and making thousands, at the age of 17. Besides the two, he started a fashion brand called HN Clothing and it focused on making avant-garde clothing pieces. He locked a TV deal with a community television station, worked on two radio shows and more. Hlumelo eventually became tired of playing it safe and took out all his investments in trying to focus on his business ventures strictly. He also dropped out twice from varsity. He was studying at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, studying electrical engineering and he was amongst the top performers but he dropped out since the calling was loud. He tried in the business field again but it wasn’t going as planned so he went to study IT at the Walter Sisulu University. He was number one out of 108 students but then again the calling haunted him. During that time, he lost everything but he knew very well that he had to cross the bridge, away from the comfort zone, burn it, and start taking his dream seriously. From nothing, he started an initiative called the Long Tie to Success to inspire himself from falling from grace and also inspiring all the underground visionaries that had no resources at all but had dreams that haunted them from time to time. This initiative consisted of a 3M long tie that national celebrities wrote special messages on to inspire all those that lost hope in their dreams. More than 20 national celebrities supported it.

Bringing in the money

Now that his unofficial projects were successful in their own right, Hlumelo decided to take things further. He decided to start working on projects that would bring in money that would allow him to be able to do other ventures and allow him to be active in making other people’s dreams come true. A few days before the Nelson Mandela Day he got a radio gig as a breakfast show host for an online radio station called Junto Radio. On his first day as a host, during the Nelson Mandela Day, he decided to do things differently as compared to everyone that dedicated 67 minutes of their time to a special cause in commemoration of the fallen legend. He got the station’s permission to do a 27 hour show that represented the years Mr. Nelson Mandela spent in jail and he used the platform to teach the youth how to “navigate humans” and to promote the Long Tie to Success. The show was a success as more than 13 countries outside South Africa tuned in to the show and the listeners abroad were engaging in the show. From the success of the show he then decided to do something different once more, he decided to write a self-help book that would assist his peers in maneuvering from “nothing” to everything (destiny). Most successful people share such wisdom when they are in their death bed, he decided to share his philosophy before starting his first commercial project. He decided to start with his book venture.

Navigate Humans

As a person who believes that if one wants to be great he/she has to be against the norm, he added four elements to that book to make it one of the world’s most unique books of all time. One of those elements is that the book is read backwards. The title of the book is Navigate Humans: Be Against normality and it is about how an individual can navigate humans through to the future in field of destiny by being against normality. It is also about how a person can move from “nothing” to destiny using what he or she has before actually “navigating humans”. The digital version of the book is available globally via Amazon and he just released the physical copy of the book and more than 15 stores accepted it. Lungisa Xhamela from Idols SA and SA’s hottest Dj, Mobi Dixon, were the first two to buy the book. Hlumelo Nyaluza also independently closed a big deal with one of South Africa's leading retailers, CNA, to have the book available in their stores nationwide. The deal will make history as his book will be the first English written self-help book that is read backwards to be available in stores nationwide. He had a negative bank balance when he closed that deal.

A Failure

Hlumelo Nyaluza tried several options when it comes to raising funds to release the book nationwide, after closing all those deals. He tried government institutions, private institutions and even modern ways of raising capital but didn't succeed. He then discovered a unique way of raising funds for projects such as his and that was crowdfunding. He applied to have his campaign in one of the leading online crowd fund websites in South Africa, his campaign was accepted and he failed to raise the funds. After failing three times, he applied to have his campaign revived but got rejected by the platform to have it online. From that experience Hlumelo realised that many successful campaigns were of those that were either elite or had business connections already. Besides, he realised that the concept was developed for developed countries.


After struggling to raise funds for his book and failing to have a successful crowd fund campaign even though the book is a game changer Hlumelo Nyaluza decided to create a new concept that would make impact in both developed and still developing countries. He decided to start a platform that will mix the concept of crowdfunding and angel investment, not just investment but crowd investment allowing multiple people to invest in one project. He decided to call the platform HN Crowd Investment. So many individuals, especially in developing countries, want capital to fund their revolutionary business ideas but they lack investors or at least contacts of the angel investors. Besides, many South Africans want to invest in great ideas but don't have enough money to invest individually in a single project. The HN Crowd Investment will help the daring entrepreneurs like Hlumelo get connected to investors and will allow aspiring investors to be able to invest small amounts in crowds to make the projects they believe in come true. In this way Hlumelo will solve the greatest business challenge, seeking capital, he will play a huge role in immensely growing the country's economy and will enrich a lot of individuals that want to invest in specific ventures but can't do it alone. He will use this platform as a tool to make his dream come true - making other people's dreams come true.

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